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Higher Education: December 6 2015 to December 12 2015

OverviewThe cost of higher education in the United States continues to increase every year. More people than ever before are going to college, but this does necessarily mean that they are better off financially after they graduate. More people than ever are graduating with high levels of student loan debt. Anyone who has ever had to pay off their student loans knows just how difficult it can be. Over the long term, something must be done about the cost of higher education and the increase in prices over the past couple of years. The Student Loan CrisisThere are many people in the United States who are crippled financially because of their stu Read More

The Cost of College in Florida

OverviewThe increasing cost of college is something that many young people have had to deal with. Over the past couple of years, the cost of college has increased much faster than the rate of inflation. This has several different consequences for people of all age groups. Parents must try and save more for their children to have enough money to go to college. Many students are having to take out record levels of student loans in order to get through school. Here are some trends for the cost of college in Florida over the past couple of years.Cost of College TrendsFor both public and private colleges, the cost of college has increased greatly Read More

The Cost of College in Tennessee Over the Past Three Years

IntroductionThe cost of college in the United States has continued to increase every year for many years. There are several things to keep in mind about the cost of college in many ares of the country. First of all, one of the biggest indicators of the cost of college in a state is simply the cost of living. States with a low cost of living, like North Dakota or Alaska, typically have a lower cost of college than those with a high cost of living. Here are several facts about the cost of college in the state of Tennessee and how it has trended over the past three years.Public Versus PrivateOne of the biggest factors in determining the cost of Read More

Cost of College in California

OverviewCollege tuition costs are a big source of debate right now in politics. Over the past ten years, the cost of college has increase much faster than inflation. This means that in real dollars, people are paying much more to go to college today than ever before. In inflation adjusted dollars, college tuition is now 1.5 times higher than it was in 2000. This is a trend that needs to be stopped if students are going to continue to go to college. With record numbers of students graduating with crippling debt, it is important to understand what the trends are currently in the state of California. Here are several facts about the cost of coll Read More

College In California Is Burning a Big Whole In Your Pocket

College is part of the American Dream. Across the nation, many teenagers long to have that college experience and earn a degree. Some students are fortunate enough to get a full scholarship, whether it be an academic or athletic scholarship. Others have a rich uncle who is footing the bill. But for most students fresh out of high school, they will be forced to take out student loans to pay the cost of their tuition. The costs of attending college have been steadily rising and show no signs of slowing down. To attend a private 4 year university, expect to pay around $31,231. With such a high price tag, many students opt to attend a stat Read More

Three-Year Average Cost of College in the United States by State – 2012-2015

As with everything, the cost of college has been trending upward at an alarming rate in the United States, in some states much more than others. Following is a breakdown of the changes as reported by Published Tuition and Fees in Current Dollars and in 2014 Dollars, by StatePublic Two-Year In-State Tuition and FeesPublic Four-Year In-State Tuition and FeesPrivate Nonprofit Four-Year Tuition and Fees2014-152014 $2015 $2014 $2015 $2014-152014 $2015 $2014 $2015 $2014-152014 $2015 $2014 $2015 $Average Tuition3-Year % Change3-Year % Change5-Year % Change5-Year % ChangeAverage Tuition3-Year % Change5-Year % Change3-year % C Read More

The Rising Costs Of College In California

The cost of college is rising by leaps and bounds in 2015, and property values are tied directly to property values. Each college is struggling with its own need to expand, and property values are exploding across the state. Parents and students alike are met with colleges that are nearly impossible to pay for in some cases. #1: Costs Rising Over Other StatesThe recent Forbes list of the top 100 colleges had Occidental College in the top 10, but Occidental was even more expensive than Ivy League schools on the east coast. Occidental sits in a neighborhood outside Los Angeles that is unbelievably expensive. Their property is extremely ex Read More

Cost of College in California

OverviewThe cost of college in the United States has increased much faster than inflation over the past few decades. In fact, using 2012 US dollars, the cost of college at public institutions more than doubled over the past twenty years. This growth in college tuition costs can be attributed to several factors. One of the most interesting parts of this is that different states have seen their college tuition rates rise at different rates. This article is going to take a look at the cost of college in California and the trends over the past couple of years.Cost of CollegeThe cost of college will vary by location and the type of institution att Read More

Cost of College by State 18th Week 2015

The following tuition rates have been approved by the State Board for Community Colleges. These tuition and fees rates are effective for the Summer Semester 2015.It is the responsibility of the state to cover tuition costs. However, tuition costs only take up thirty-three percent of total educational costs in these institutions. Most colleges and universities increase tuition costs or reduce the number of programs on offer. This cost is transferred to students who have to attend college regardless of their financial situation. This situation is further aggravated by competition among different sectors of the economy. There are sectors in the Read More

The General Costs Of College In Georgia

The cost of a college education has slowly changed in the past three years, and you review this information to learn how the state is trending. The information in this article gives you a general idea of what college will cost in the state in the future. Consider this information before you make college decisions with your children.

#1: Overall Costs

Emory University is the most expensive school in the state. It cost nearly $45,000 a year, and their tuition has steadily risen over the past three years. They must raise their tuition to keep up their high academic standards and beautiful campus, but the degree you receive from the univer Read More

Cost of Tuition By State

Please keep in mind that the numbers listed below are the average in-state tuition for each college. Alabama The average in-state tuition for schools centered in Alabama is $4,628. Alaska Alaska's in-state tuition average is $4,617. Arizona Arizona's colleges have, on average, an in-state tuition of $2,690. Arkansas $3,100 is the average in-state tuition for Arkansas. California The average in-state tuition for California schools is $2,597. Colorado Colorado's average tuition is $4,209. Connecticut The colleges in Connecticut offer an average in-state tuition of $4,520. Delaware $5,059 is the average tuition for the nation's first state. Flor Read More

Educational Transfer of Wealth

There is no better way to transfer wealth and provide a step up for your children than by paying for their education.

For years, I found myself struggling to complete in a world of Stanford and Wharton MBA's. Long before my hard work paid off in the form of a Dotcom success story I was pitching venture capitalists to invest in my startup. They were smart and savvy and knew all the correct buzzwords, I felt like my Fresno State degree was a albatross tied to tech geek career. But after 15 or 20 meetings something happened... Read More

An analysis of cost of College by State

Tuition fees could be one of the most ignored yet the biggest costs of our generation. In insight, they shouldn’t be seen as such because education is indispensable. Just like diseases, prices for products and temperatures, college fees have significantly grown. Currently, there are slightly over 2400 colleges in the U.S. that offer the four-year course. The increase is as a result of budget cuts in 2008 and a rise in the number of universities by 2010.

By 2013, the average tuition fees in 2011-12 stood at $8,830 in public universities for in-state students. When accommodation, food, stationery and other expenses factored in, Read More

The Real Cost of an MBA Much More Than Just Tuition

The Real Cost of an MBA Much More Than Just Tuition

Most people in the field of business will tell you that an MBA can offer a person greater flexibility and advancement opportunities. While an MBA may offer these benefits what is the real cost of this flexibility and opportunity? Can you actually afford it?
The actual cost is greater than the tuition though this amount is the figure most commonly used by school. Added to this are lodging, food, clothing, health care, books, transportation, laptops, required software, and even oversea trips required by some courses. These items can quickly triple the cost of attending. Adding to this cost is two years of missed salaries and work experienc Read More

Online MBA – is it worth?

Online MBA – is it worth?

An MBA has become an important step for any individual hoping to get an education they can use to improve their career options, with an MBA usually seen as an impressive way of improving their career chances and increase the salary they earn. In the 21st century the individual looking for a Masters degree is faced with a number of choices, including choosing to study for an Online MBA with a well known and respected educational institution or with a specialist Online college that offers the majority of courses via the Internet.

An Online MBA is something that many people do not understand, working through classes via Internet based modules Read More

Private or public – The impossible decision!

Private or public – The impossible decision!

Making the decision whether or not to send your children to a public or private school can be incredibly difficult. After all, the quality of your child's education can greatly influence what sort of education they are going to obtain later on down the line and it may even have a strong impact on what sort of job they obtain as well. Due to this, it really is important to think about whether or not you should send your child to a private or public school. In some cases it may be a truly impossible decision, you just need to weight the pros and cons.

Now, before you dive into the cost of private or public, you need to actually look into wh Read More

How to Finance Private School Tuition

How to Finance Private School Tuition

If every parent had the financial resources, many of them would send their children to private schools rather than public. Unlike public schools, private schools offer much more individual attention to students than public schools do. This is because their enrollment is much smaller, whereas in public schools, there are often nearly 35 children in one classroom. With less children, teachers and other staff members can afford to devote special attention to the need's of each child. This is especially significant because each child has a different learning style that likely does not always fit with the lesson being taught. Students given indiv Read More

For whom will the legal education remain affordable?

 For whom will the legal education remain affordable?

Rising college costs continue to be at the forefront of both institutional and political debates. With skyrocketing college costs, parents are beginning to tighten their belts, and sometimes even lower their dreams and expectations for their children. In doing so, many are opting for more affordable options, such as community college, in-state colleges, or federally subsidized colleges. The dream of sending students to elite colleges is being replaced with practicality, and what parents can afford, especially in times of financial struggle.

Much of this is the result of the skyrocketing costs of college tuition. Tuition has risen in rece Read More

Is Medical School for you?

Is Medical School for you?

Several year ago a patient asked a physician about the advisability of a career in medicine. The answer was a cliché' response to the effect "Only go into medicine if you can't picture yourself doing anything else." Well, even if that mantra is a hackneyed status of the phrase, there's much truth in it. Without a overpowering passion for the medical field, you'll have a tough time making it through all the bumps and hurdles ahead of you. The fact is that medical school is a long, tedious, and grueling process no matter how you slice the pie.

In many cases, your trip down the medical highway will require years of intensive training, and hu Read More

Getting Into a Law School, Is It worth the Money

Getting Into a Law School, Is It worth the Money

Finding a job that you have an immense amount of passion for can be difficult --- but say you find your calling, what is there to do next?

The simplest solution would be to decide to go to school and get a degree for whatever it is that you may want to study. Some people switch their major of choice multiple times before completing graduation, and some just already know what exactly is was that they were meant to do when it comes to the career and business life as the next milestone that one person could take.

But say that your field of choice was floundering when it came to the job market, and that spending all that money on schoolin Read More